Thursday, 21 May 2009

Your American Idol Season 8 - Kris Allen

Your American Idol Season 8 "Kris Allen" Yezza i'm so happy after host Ryan announced Kriss win this season. Because since beginning i'm followed this show and two idol i like the most is Kris Allen and Danny Gokey. However both finalist who performed on the final stage is brilliant and off course superb. Either Adam or Kris both of them are the champion of this season.

Yeah archuleta already comes to Malaysia, then maybe Kris soon.. hehe day dreaming again i taught. But then let's enjoy the moment and can surf here to read other articles about finale of american idol this season.

I'm so happy and next week i don't know what to do.. help me please


rizz said...

hahah rizz pon suke sgt kriss allen mng congrat to kriss!! hehe

Blog Anuar Kamaruddin™ said...

wah semua citer mamat nih melata! ;)

RyZ4L said...

waaa...xde sape ke nak menjaja adam~~
waaaaa..die kalah~~
tibe je interest in rawk..haha!
kriss allen.,..uhuk! uhuk!
terbatuk sudeyyy..

WaNz HaQQ said...

Rizz- Yezza.. can't wait for his album

Nuar- Sah-sahla nuar..

Ryzal- Uols i memang xsuka rock so sah-sahler x sokong adam even his voice is more powerful than kris.. but then kris is cuter than adam.. unless danny in the final