Friday, 28 October 2011

Rajin plak update hari ni..

Deng!! ketuk kuat-kuat sebab dah lama tak update blog and this year aku rasa paling sikit aku bercerita kat sini. Nak tahu kenapa? Sebab aku malas dan sibuk. Plus tiada apa yang best pun dalam hidup aku kerana setiap hari aku lakukan perkara yang sama. Sampai satu masa aku rasa sangat bosan..

Ouh it's October!! yeah my birthday.. honestly i can't wait for my birthday because i feel happy and good on that day. Firstly thankful to Allah sebab menjadikan aku, thanks to Ayah and Mama sebab melahirkan aku, membesarkan aku, and thanks to all sebab menemani aku sepanjang perjalanan kehidupan aku. Gosh i miss my mom badly.. i wanna give her a kiss on my birthday, i wanna received a present from her and what i really want is her.. We got so many Queen on earth and around the world, but i only have my mom as Queen of my heart.. Love you Mom!! Ouh this year celebration i don't know because all my best friend are not here and my very close friends also busy have to entertain his family. Forget, he did ask me to have dinner on sunday night. So that's it. hehe

Selesai sudah tanggungjawab aku sebagai komiti debat ppm2011. Ouh so many thing i want to share but everything is kinda secret so i cannot spilled it out here. One words is stress and not enjoy like before. I have an experienced organizing idc and royal debate when iiu become a host for that big event.  It wasn't stress like this one. What i really want to remember about ppm2011 is how all committeesss work very hard to organize that event and we made it. Alhamdulillah.. =)

That's all..
tunggu la if aku meroyan lagi so i will update it again..