Saturday, 9 March 2013

First Post for 2013

It's already 2013!!

March Already lor!!

So long and finally i have time to start merepek here. This site has been my favourite place to give my opinion, to release my stress or tension or to give a respond that i'm unable to give verbally few month ago.

Walking down the memory lane i will start to memorize a lot of good thing and bad thing also that happen, yet some of it already change to be good and the rest remain the same.

Ouh i have been working for 4 month. Start working on 29th October 2012 till today. At first like to persue my dreams to be an engineer, but i believe at the current moment i have to accept any job that can give me good experience and most important the salary must be good.

On November i finally bought  my first car, definitely not going to be my last car. InsyaAllah. Hehe Alhamdulillah for the rezeki that i have received till today. So many thing i have received after few years of hard life during study. Oh now i have to manage my salary which i dont know how to manage, and start to pay all the hutang that i have during study. Gosh most important thing hutang to my dad and both sister.. i wish with my own salary i can give them better life.

Friends? yup missed them so much.. everyday i wish i am still undergrad student. Can lepak anytime i want, can sleep anytime i prefer. Ouh my buddies few of them already got married. I am unable to attend their wedding because of my works. I feel bad for not attending their big day. Sorry guys!!! Jom meet up when all of us had free time or else i have to force all of you. Hehe

Oklah.. got to go.. till we meet again

Thanks people!!