Thursday, 4 June 2009

Your Lucky Number is ...!!!

Yeah lately i'm always online at facebook! at the first place i hate it so much because it was so slow even to go to your own page!! I'm fallin in love with all the quiz there, even sometimes it can't be trusted at all but then just enjoy to play that. So few days ago i found out the quiz what is your lucky number..

So dikala kebosanan yang melanda i just play it and my lucky number is:

Number 9 represent the planet Mars. They tend to be short tempered and argumentative. Natives of this number are very optimistic. They believe everything is possible under the sun. When they find themselves in a disadvantageous circumstance, they will most likely keep on trying until they succeed. They are courageous and make excellent soldiers or leaders. They are excellent in being organized, but they must have full control.

Erm by the way kebetulan plak few thing tu ada yang kena ngan aku. Yup macam short tempered and argumentative. Keep argue with one my friend about small small thing till we dont have any idea then stop. Should i change it? i mean my attitude?

p/s: enough!! we are still friend but..


haneem said...

my lucky number is 2....=))

Anonymous said...

erm...tempered n argumentative not good f0r u n ur health! hve t0 change it n be more patient instead of managing ur own emotion as well...
u can do it, chaiy0k! chaiy0k!

WaNz HaQQ said...

Haneem - harus post kat blog yer u

Sakura - thanks.. yes tempered to kena ubah.. argumentative plak just reduce it but then it's only apply when somebody being an evil to me only.. neway ur first comment here right? thanks

RyZ4L said...

wanz. short temper jugek kan.
kalo takde mood die akan bukak pintu locker and tampal "do not disturb. not in a good mood " hahaha..siot je :p

WaNz HaQQ said...

Ryzal - biler ek tu? hehehe time u datang time tu seriously i'm bad mood so xmo la orang tengok my face and etc time bad mood coz it worst.. huhuhu.. pagi esoknya or kol 3 4 pagi okey la.. huhu jap jer

arep said...

i dont have any..

btw.. fesbuk very addicted. i cant help it