Thursday, 14 May 2009

Final Two American Idol

Yezza!! i'm happy because Kris Allen one of the finalist american idol for this season! Even i can predict that Adam will win this season but then still excited because kriss will be there perform to us! I wish Danny and Kris will be in the final two but then the result comes out is different.

"It's the screamer versus the quiet soul man. The flashy, trashy L.A. rocker against the mellow, humble small town crooner. Call it what you like, but next week's "American Idol" finale could be one of the most exciting in the show's history. A "ding-dong," if you will, to quote judge Simon Cowell."

I can't wait to watch final concert next week!!
Let's have fun!!

p/s: the source from Mtv's


rizz said...

bru nk publishh cess potong linee wakakak

WaNz HaQQ said...

harus excited itu pasal cepat citer sal ni. hiks