Sunday, 19 October 2008

Site Visit

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Site Visit.. Erm in short last Friday as promise from my lecturer.. kami in one group went to visit loji kumbahan under indah water at saujana permai or what note, di kajang.. Actually this site visit is not compulsory but if you have time and free, yes you can join. So that at 12pm we gather in front of kuliyyah enterance.. On the way to site visit tu, we all singgah kat masjid for Friday prayer.. Khutbah on that day is about sumpah, then me myself tersenyum biler dengar khutbah tu.. coz it’s something good for people to know what is true and what is not..

We all tiba di situ around 2.30, hujan plak.. so menanti hujan reda, so we all dengar briefing from central region officer of indah water and his assistant about that loji.. Then Hujan reda, so we all di bawa from one site to another site of water treatment, now barulah Nampak aper yang kiter belajar dalam class.. let’s see the picture..

End of this session around 4pm, langit pun dah gelap semula so aper lagik we all semua naik bas then it’s time for us untuk pulang.. Tiba di iium around 5.30pm then rest.. Tonite I Have gathering hari raya, see you later and just wait for the next entry..

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