Sunday, 16 May 2010

Yeah free lunch for me!

it's sunday (sorry not on sunday but saturday) again~ dont know what to do seriously!!

at 10.30 am i think i got msg at ym, ask me to have lunch date with him
Ouh he is my blogger's friend ya, you know Zaffril?
So end up we met at Plaza Masalam, and have our lunch at Subway.
Yummy like it so much.. Steak and Cheese

Since i've not met him for a long time, we talk about a lot of thing..
his master's prog, career, life and many thing.
Alhamdulillah he's still alive after went through hard situation i think.
Ouh at 3pm i'm going home since he has to go back to his office.
well gigih bekerja kan? hehe

And since nothing to do at home i just fall asleep till 6.30pm
Ouh then as usual playing with my blackie..
luckily i have u blackie who always be with me..

Tonight I've got the answer or to be exact just to confirm about what my instinct said
Yeah.. people try to denied something with reason who is sometimes not relevant
and sometimes to hide the weakness with other peoples weaknesses.
I'm not that fragile by the way.. Motivate very well
Ouh good nyte!!

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