Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Sembang Kosong

Cerita sedih dalam entry yang lalu?
Kita lupakan, maaf jika ianya buat yang membaca tidak menyukainya.
Sekadar luahan hati untuk ketika itu.
It's wet my pillow anyway.

last weekend i did spend my time with my friends
Aiman and Zul, hang out at One Utama..
watching movie as usual after i reject to go to Bukit Cerakah
since few technical problem happened.
Plus can u imagine if penat-penat kayuh basikal tu
masuk dalam keta dah macam oven? oppsie..

i'm ready to love someone not only as a friend but more than that
but who is that person?
i dont know because i'm still looking for the person
who will accept me the way i am.
Okey la i do merepek again.
Well this time i'm update my blog from office

Ouh before i forget
Happy Birthday to Nazrie!!
Good Luck in you Career..

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