Friday, 14 May 2010

Thank's i do appreciate it Flyz

Uiks aku terharu hari ni.
Balik dari kerja tadi seperti biasa,
sebelum aku duk lepak dengan blackie..
Mesti kena wangi-wangi dulu.

Erm then setiap hari as usual aku akan check
if ada any update kat facebook, blog, myspace and email aku.
Haa i've got new visitor who leave his comment. thanks!!~
then time visit blog dia i found something kat blog scroll dia.
Ouh i found my face at other's people blog
then after check it..

It's true.. it's my face with link of my blog
the owner of that blog i know him with name flyz.
Thanks dude!!~ really appreciate it when u named my blog as one that
u wait for my update!! Yeah i'm smilling like i finish my internship now!!
hehehe. Seriously never imagine that ada juga orang stop by to my blog
and read it like you!! Hehe will update everyday or depends on my mood.
Currently my life was not so busy at all.

got to go..
watching glee season 1 again.
waiting to watch season 2
Ouh i love glee!!


flyz said... updating

@reltzsensei said...

same lew kiter..thanks gak kt flyz..

Anonymous said...

sensei @reltz pn ada?