Thursday, 13 May 2010

It's thursday night!!~

It's thursday, most of the staff who already married will talk something about malam jumaat thing. Ouh what should i say when they start to joke around that matter? Shengal okeh. Ouh today i did not do any production job. Hehe early in the morning went to seksyen 17 to pick the document. Dammit they did not give me correct instruction so i have to wait there to confirm it with KB branch. Then from Shah Alam, i have to hurry up to Damansara Height to submit that document at menara MBSB. Ouh i hate the recptionist, not totally hate her but annoyed with her. Put all her make up staff like small mirror, lip gloss on the table and i like Helloo.. this is not small company dear wake up!! and please take care of your image too..

From there going back to Shah Alam,visit bank session, from Bank Islam to Maybank and last stop is at Eon Bank. Then going back to office settle few task that been given to me. After 30 minute, going out again to stationary shop, yeah i like this place, full of stationary stuff like mini mall to me. Therapy session.. LoL. then tesco then waiting for lunch. Ouh today we force my supervisor to belanja us, correction i am not forcing him but akak admin suh.. Hehehe Thanks bos!!

Going back to office and doing special task job, since this monday our company will organize talk in perak so that we need to prepare some file and pencil and pen, common stuff for seminar or talk. Get ready for 80 pax. Then that's all for today. That's what am i doing..

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