Tuesday, 13 January 2009

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AWARD 2008

Best day Award – Everyday is the best day

Best Memory Award – Jumpa and lepak together

Best Friend Award – All my friend’s yang kenali wan

Best Enemy Award –Gurl yang call ugut wan satu malam tu!! You bitch!!

Song of The Year – Hampir Ke Situ

Movie of the year - Twilight semestinya

Male Singer of the year - David Archuletta

Female singer of the year – Celine Dion

Duo/Band of the year –Spice Gurl boleh?? hehe

Actor of the year -Robert Pattinson..

Actress of the year –Reese Whiterspoon

TV program of the year - House

DJ of the year – Linda Onn sbb banyak kontroversi.. tol ke??

TV host of the year – Aznil Hj Nawawi

Scandal of the year - huhu.. haha!!!

Best Hang Out Spot – Pavilion

Best Cinema – GSC Pavilion, sbb tempat baru yeah

Best Eating Place – Kak Mah Tom Yam Kg Baru J

Best Bowling Spot –One Utama

Best Bookshop -Kinokuniya

Best Shopping Spot - KLCC, Pavilion, Sunway Pyramid, One Utama

Best Karaoke Spot – Redbox la kot, tapi baru first time pi 2009 huahua

Mostly Done Activity - Blogging

Best Website – www.wanzimran.blogspot.com

Other awards you would like to give- ????

The most shocking news – Dia tu??

Best Things that happen – Be with my family and friends

The worst moments –Let bygone be bygone..

Next people have to do this

- RyZ4L

- RidzuaN

- Cali

- Cik Anis

- Nuar

- Ritz

- Farique

- Haneem

- Pojie Pooh

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