Sunday, 20 July 2008


Hey !!~

Siapakah dia??

this entry untuk one of my buddies ni..
Happy Birthday to You!!~

His birthday is on 18th July tapi wanz jer lambat post kat sini busy sket with few thing plus internet connection sucks giler.. so just have to wait and see la kan.. this pic amik kat pizza hut sunway pyramid.. Actually already wish to him on 18th July tapi memandangkan he is my buddy too then special entry is here..

So to nazmie, dude please be good boy find your happiness and please don't look desperate in looking for girl that you are wish for. Good luck in your study and enjoy ur day. Thanks for being my good friend, sporting, giler-giler and also accept me the way i am. I believe four of you will be my buddies forever..

Lot's of Love
~ WaNz ~


Ir.rIZZ IrHAmy said...

huahakss kwn spesell ke niii?:p
emm rizz nye link msukkan lee:p

WaNz aka Tuan Tanah said...

ni out of four my good friend okey..
ni mesti xbaca lagi entry tajuk teman yang sebelum ni.. ishk ishk..

erm alrite hari jumaat ni..
lately i'm so busy ler