Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Monday !!~


It’s already Monday.. Yeah new week already begin.. I woke up at 7.30am coz my new roommate already switch on his radio and make noise.. Oh my God, I feel want to kick him so much but just be patient and cool as always right.. But coz he’s knew then I should warning him.. yeah wan’s rulez.. I hate this atmosphere, make noise early in d mornink.. Well I woke up then go to the bathroom and get ready for my class at 10am.. Can’t sleep anymore..

I have quiz today, yahoo don’t know what to answer.. yeah I already prepared but as usual still scared and confuse.. How come I’m acting like this? Hiks.. So out of 6 we only have to answer 5 questions but I manage to answer 4 out of 6, well not enough time, hehe still want to blame others. Then I return to my room and rest, my next class is cell and molecular biology at 3.30 so before that I zzzzzzz..

My classmate inform me that our lecturer already been replace with other lecturer.. So seriously don’t have any idea who will replace Dr.Azura.. And here she is Dr.Raha.. Personally she was so fantastic, the way she teach us make me more understand and feel interested to know more about cell and so on. Today our topic is about DNA, well it’s the storage the information inside of our body.. then she also explain how the process of replication occur in two types cell which are prokaryotes and eukaryotes.. Well I think no need to discuss that topic here coz it doesn’t important anymore here.. hiks.. It’s better I’m study all by myself and understand in carefully.. huhu then class finished at 5pm..

Then I shot (words that bloggers abg zaff use) to petrol station to fill the petrol in my motorcycle.. Then straight to cut my hair.. this time I didn’t go to the saloon coz I don’t have time to do so. Well after that bought dinner and back to campus.. So tired but already got an sms inform me about meeting tonight at 11pm.. I don’t know why they always decide to have meeting at 11pm.. hurm.. okey I think that’s all for today..

Have a nice day!!~

Lot’s of Love

~ WaNz ~

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