Blurrryy.. Emos

Erm lately i feel jap ok and jap x ok. Maybe somebody say that i'm emo.. Yes i can say no, it is true, coz i'm not so sure what was happen and what will happen in my life.. Macam tadi asyik sentap and nak laser orang jer.. kenapa laaa jadik gini.. actually miss someone a lot.. kemana dia wanz sendiri x tahu..ilang ntah kemana that's why la kot, wanz jadik mcm x stabil. Hurm rasanya it is time for me untuk lupakan dia. Actually it was nothing happen between us, just friends but after spend time together and dia banyak support and make me to be optimistic i feel comfortable dengan dia.

It is hard for me to lost somebody like that yang sanggup layan karenah wanz. Hurm it is maybe coz my attitude that's why dia ilang kot. First time we met dia lambat about one hour tapi keep calling bagi tahu suh tunggu and say sorry. i can give advice to my friend but i can't apply it to myself.. how hard it is. One of my friend told me to watch SEPI coz he said that movie is suitable for me.. let see.. i will comment about it later.

First week of the new semester already comes to the end, what can i say is, semester ni wanz rasa lain, sebab first week dah ada problem macam ni, nak kena layan lagi sekor dua makhluk yg siyal, nak get ready with all the challenge that will comes out and so on.. it's keep me smiling but in my heart only Allah s.w.t knows. This weekend already plan something to do with my friends, let see la, kalau rajin nanti wanz coretkan kat sini..

Lot's of Love
~ WaNz ~


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