Tuesday, 19 August 2008

I'm so busy


Happy Birthday
Bro. Halim Ebrahim..
wish you happy always
and dah x emo.. hiks

to all my readers this week sangat busy untuk wan, coz end of this week ada mid term exam for two papers.. i hope i can manage to do it well. What a good news that i have this morning for fluid mechanics it's already postponed the date on 7th Sept so at least this weekend i can spend my time with my senior or friends insyaAllah. if not, just stay in my room read megazine, play with my psp or sleeping.. hiks. next entry will be about inter-madec.. then to all my buddy enjoy your holiday okey.. take care. ouh i will have exam on:
20/08/08 ~ Environmental Engineering
21/08/08 ~ Computational method and statistic..

Lot's of Love
~ WaNz ~

1 comment:

alex said...

selamat hari jadi...moga2 panjang umur dan murah rezeki...

leo??? roarrrrr!!!!