12th Malaysian General Election

Salam untuk semua !!~

How are you guys? Lately I don’t have enough time to update my blog; it is because I have a final exam coming soon then my internet connection is suck. So don’t ever using maxis broadband for the future in case they didn’t fixed the line or upgrade the stuff.

Next, a few review about 12th Malaysian General Election. The result that comes out is tremendously weird but fun to look at. Well opposition win 5 state and other goes to government. Seriously at first, I don’t want to watch the result announcement, because I think BN still conquer all the state except Kelantan. After a few minute I have changed my mind and watched it till 4am. So tire.

Well, let’s see what happen to the state that lead by the opposition team. Kedah and Kelantan lead by Pas, Penang lead by DAP, Selangor lead by PKR and lastly Perak, even the decision have been given to Pas to lead the state however it still didn’t agreed by DAP members. Then it is show the weaknesses of opposition. Well let see what will happen for the future and hope please didn’t affect our country, so that we can live in peaceful and harmoniously.

In the other hand, this 12th Malaysian General Election shows that “tribe has been spoken”. To opposition team, use the power and prove to all, the promises that they have been made in the campaign before. To government, analyze what is the factor that they lose in this election. Then in the next election you can win back the state, but we’ll see. In the previous entry i tell you about Nek Maimun who is the oldest candidates in the General Election. Actually even she loses, but her still get 600 votes I think but not so sure. Well, she feel regret now because also lose the money. However it gives such a great experience to her.

Last but not least this is the first entry that I have post in English. So that, if you guys find any weaknesses just don’t hesitate to leave comment. I will improve my language next time. Below I put some picture that I grab from Utusan Online, just want to share with you all.


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