Friday, 8 February 2008

PeNgeNaLaN~ T_T


A few month ago.. i have create a blog.. it is so nice for me but after a few times i feel so bored.. sbbnya mcm muram jer my page.. xde layout yang menarik and etc. So last nyte before sleep tetiba ada mood nak baca blog a few of my friends.. it is so nice so that tetiba plak gatal create this blog.. hopefully jangka hayat blog ni panjang.. hehe

I try to find template yang dah siap so that senang la nak copy and paste.. xdelah aku nak kena wat itu and ini sbbnya i hate coding so much.. even 2 years learning c++ and c programming. Finally jumpa la layout yang menarik ni create by somebody from indonesia credit for him, sbbnya tolong org yg mcm aku ni.. hehehe!!~

excited plak tengok my page..wakaka giler la masuk bakul angkat sendiri.. tapi like it so much and i will update my blog everyday or twice a week.. or tengokla biler masa mengizinkan.. selagi line internet ok and ada mood and masa i will spend my time here..

so if u have any idea just put in my cbox and also just give me a comment.. i like ur comment to improve my blog and me myself!!~

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