Sunday, 4 December 2011

Just me!!

Sigh!! Readers, 1 month left for me to complete my degree, am i prepare? I really don’t know!! Okeyh currently i’m on my way to finish the report for my research. Yeah that’s me, bila ada masa benda lain aku fokuskan, now di hujung-hujung baru aku terkial-kial nak siapkan semuanya.  Ouh aku tak tahu kenapa lately something stuck in my mind, jap jer aku happy and selainnya aku macam nak maki orang or dalam erti kata lain emo!!. Easily be mad at something simple or something that i can’t get. I’m getting annoyed with internet connection that really sucks and i really need it to be good because it’s the only thing make me connected with my family and friends. Yeah last week i went to the garden and survey for a new handphone. Lepas fikir-fikir i choose to use blackberry with maxis prepaid because it’s cheaper than using line but somehow half of me already fell in love with samsung s2, then again i got headache for that simple thing. Yeah feel like to grab both but then i told to myself to be patient and think carefully, so that final decision i will use blackberry. Just waiting for my tabung to penuh!! Halfway to go.. Santa can u grant my wish? :p crazy!!
Sorry for the crazy update! =)

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haiii i taste kat you.