Tuesday, 27 September 2011

i am so jealous with you

I am super duper jealous with my friend. He just bought his new hand phone!! see the picture below.. Urggh!! why am i so jealous? because this is my latest favorite hand phone since i do dream to use Blackberry and Iphone before. Yeah i like it very much becaue samsung galaxy s2 since it is cheaper than iphone and  besides that i read the review about this hand phone and it was really good and the demand for this hand phone is high. Ouh if you guys wanna get the review about this hand phone there a lot about it on the internet..

 By the way masih bersyukur dengan apa yg ada sekarang. cuma terasa nak tukar since dh 7 years kot i use my current hand phone and everthing dah not in a good condition. Jom simpan duit dari skank. cepatlah penuh tabung aku tu.
p/s: meroyan jap~ :P

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