Yeay Exam END!

Okey now mood untuk berblogging kembali~ i need to share with all of you few things..

Yeah!! this semester already end by last friday with my exam at 9am till 12noon, currently i 'm stuck here to finish my final year project. ~ sigh!! while other student packed their belonging and going home and i still here watching korean movie/series. Ouh my fyp consist of an experiment and report. Since the experiment is going on so that i can't finish the report yet and have to wait for the result of the experiment. i already apply for deferment about 5 week and during this 5 week hopefully i can finish it successfully~ InsyAllah.

Ouh currently my mood upside down, not currently but as always. lol.. sigh like i have "pms" but for a long time. Hopefully i can handle it without hurting other people around me and i have to pretend to be happy eventhough inside of me i feel scared thinking of result final exam that will coming out by end of this month.

Ouh for next two week, i will finish my final year project, going for penang trip/perak trip.. it's depend on my mood which one will make me totally happy and praying that i get good result for my final exam, and many more. For time being i just sit down and relax watching korean series, full of it in my hdd.. love korean entertainment so much!!~

till we meet again!!~
have a great sunday


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